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12th Five Year Plan of China’s Heavy Truck Industry

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The past five years, estimated that nobody expected that China’s heavy truck will usher in a similar blowout increase, so that today, the production and sales of all the enterprise are almost doubled. Now, for the new arrival of "12th Five-Year", the top eight heavy truck enterprises turn to develop the kind of planning?

FAW: the outbreak of silence
2005, in the card market is gradually shrinking, rapid increases in heavy truck market when, as the Republic of the eldest son of the FAW face with the dilemma. By equipped with Deutz BFM1013 and BFM2012 advanced engines, the outbreak but not in silence, dead silence. FAW chose the former. Has listed the development of Williams, Aowei, J6 Pioneer models, making their own in the heavy truck product competitiveness can be improved, productivity can be improved significantly. J6, as a positive R & D products, J6 in the capture of high quality heavy vehicles vehicle, engine, car electronics, cab and manufacturing such as five technical problems at the same time as the FAW to further improve their own R & D process and standards, quality assurance and product certification, project management, and the accumulation of knowledge, talent development and functions of the duties of the corporate culture of innovation and lay a solid foundation. 2010, the liberation of the heavy truck market share reached 20.3 percent, the sixth generation of enterprise-wide to promote products J6 heavy truck production and sales of more than 60000. The production scale of annual output of 200,000 vehicle driven by the engine, transmission, axle three assembly capacity also achieved a breakthrough.
According to the "12th Five-Year Plan" of the FAW Group, FAW Group next step will be to continue to increase support for the liberation of the company’s efforts to develop 25 vehicle 17 engines, 18 kinds of transmissions, 11 axle, in order to enhance the liberation of the overall advantages of the product. Among them, the J6, upgrade products J7 will be completed in five years. 2015 liberation truck sales to reach 420,000, which, in the heavy truck sales reached 320,000, the market share of 25%, and timely import light truck, and strive to make the liberation of the brand to become the Chinese commercial vehicle a brand.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle: Soaring
Dongfeng commercial vehicles also face the issue of the FAW. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle has launched a Dongfeng heavy truck days Kam card, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co. launched Pa 507 heavy truck and dragon 609 card, the gradual completion of capacity expansion strategy. It is worth mentioning that in early 2006, focused on the introduction of Dongfeng commercial vehicle heavy truck Dongfeng has not been easy. Overpricing, Denon sales in the first year of 1916 only, Subsequently, the Dongfeng commercial vehicle to take decisive measures, the price reduction was equipped with, and ultimately makes the Denon sales reached 100,000 in five years, independent research and development of the domestic heavy truck listed the most successful heavy truck products. Denon products such as the successful development, equipped with Cummins Engines, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle unashamedly. In May last year, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle total investment of about $ 1 billion of new plant with a capacity of 80000, the foundation started in Shiyan Maojian Industrial Zone, 40000, a project put into operation in June this year. Two of the investment will be in accordance with the trend of the market a timely manner. Dongfeng commercial vehicle in the next five years and strive to the goal of "China, the world’s first three" laid the foundation. Dongfeng commercial vehicle made it clear that in the "12th Five-Year Plan, to enhance the core competitiveness for efficient operations. To this end the company has established several strategies, including the quality strategy and brand strategy. Huang, general manager just seems the future in terms of competition in the Chinese market or global market, quality and brand will be the focus. Future products may appear homogeneous, in order at a higher level of differentiation, the need to improve product characteristics and brand value.
China National Heavy Duty Truck: from quantitative to qualitative changes

It can be said, Zhangqiu engine base is put into operation since 2006, the development of China’s heavy truck has been showing a rapid trend. Even parted ways with the Weichai in no way affected their development. In 2007, China National Heavy Duty Truck established financing platform in Hong Kong Stock Exchange; signed a strategic cooperation agreement in July 2009 with the German company Man; the end of 2010, restructuring Chengdu ace car and the formation of the Fujian haixi Motor Company. In 2010, China National Heavy Duty Truck usher in the best sales performance in the history of the company, annual sales of heavy trucks to 195,000, the sales revenue of 85 billion yuan. Starting this year, China National Heavy Duty Truck will be implemented in a multi-brand, multi-network strategy. On the basis of the bigger and stronger heavy truck industry, and gradually to the micro card, light truck, medium truck, heavy truck, a large mining vehicles, construction machinery, buses and other fields to enter. Decision from a single brand gradually to multi-brand development. The end of the "12", to achieve the target of 200 billion yuan of sales revenue.

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck: gold industry chain of star
Shaanxi heavy truck heavy truck production five years ago, but just over ten thousand, five years later, the scale of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck production and sales have exceeded 100,000. Shaanxi heavy truck made such progress, in addition to high-growth markets, but also in the enterprise itself to seize the opportunities, internal hard skills, Weifang Diesel, Fast transmission, Hande Axle formation of the gold industry chain. " External bold marketing, the successful launch of the "German" culture, to release the truck driver survival status of Blue Book to organize the selection of the Song of the truck driver, and other activities, Shaanxi Auto is not only to win the market, and also won a good reputation. The end of the Eleventh Five-Year, trucks of Shaanxi Auto sold more than 117,800. After five years of hard work, and was the first to achieve important breakthroughs in the field of new energy vehicles, the successful development of new energy products such as CNG, LNG heavy-duty truck, to master the core technology of natural gas heavy-duty truck. Has come "12", Shaanxi Auto, 130 000, and strive to the annual sales target of 150,000, to achieve the sales target of 200,000 to 250,000 to lay the foundation for the "12th Five-Year" at the end. Shaanxi Automobile "12th Five-Year Plan, Shaanxi Auto particular emphasis on the importance of build a service-oriented manufacturing enterprises.

Foton: twists and turns
It can be said that the the Fukuda development is a miracle of Chinese truck. Auman heavy truck when the truck market in 2005, with Cummins ISF engine, the callback of production and marketing of a significant decline, but the sense of shame and then courage the Auman quickly adjust the way in the marketing of fast attack makes Auman heavy truck quickly turned up, and the success of the firm position of the top five in the heavy truck market in China. For the future development of China’s heavy truck, Fukuda apparently bullish market. 2010, Foton and Daimler signed a joint venture contract, Foton Auman heavy-duty truck and the Mercedes-Benz OM457 heavy-duty engines produced through technical cooperation, further enhance the research and development capabilities of Fukuda. 2010, Foton Motor invest 2.6 billion yuan to build Auman GTL digital energy plant production capacity to 200,000. "12th Five-Year" period, Fukuda key construction projects, including: Foton Motor Global Innovation Center, Beijing (Huairou) Auman GTL new energy-efficient heavy-duty truck Digital factory, Beijing (Miyun) utility vehicle factories, Beijing FotonResa Crane Branch, Beijing (Changping) GDI petrol engine plant, Weifang utility vehicle factory in Changsha Automobile Factory, Nanhai Ou V bus factory. 2011, Foton Motor in the eight major projects, the investment will more than 7 billion yuan, to the "12th Five-Year" end of the total investment will reach 12 billion yuan. With 8 key projects start construction, "the 12th Five-Year" period, Foton Motor in domestic vehicle production capacity of one million, one million units of engine, the new 100 billion yuan of industrial output value, drive components and services industry realized an output value of 50 billion yuan.

Bei Ben Heavy Duty Truck: the miracle of snails
The military’s "starting point" North Benz tasted the taste of the "mad". In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz during the first six years, the maximum annual production of North-Benz, but only 806, the pace of development like crawling snail slow. Looking back, the North Pennines Wang Shihong, head man of the heavy truck filled with emotion, Baotou talent relative lack of parts matching radius. The most advanced heavy truck distribution in the header to some extent, also increased the difficulty of the development. In 2002, the North-Benz heavy truck and the Mercedes-Benz in Germany to lift the cooperation contract, the full expansion of the civilian market. Disadvantaged businesses, and established the development strategy of positioning and differentiation, expand the product line and strengthen the expanding market segments. Change in sales-oriented approach in order to direct active role in establishing the distribution network and service network. In 2006, the first year of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" Bei Ben Heavy Duty Truck sales break million. Since then, the North Pennines heavy truck four consecutive years of rapid development, in 2010, Bei Ben Heavy Duty Truck completed their original 40 000 production and sales plans, and plans to achieve sales of 55000 strive 60000.For the "12th Five-Year" development, the North Pennines has also been planning. , North Pennines sales to the end of the "12th Five-Year" in 2010 on the basis of quadruple, to ensure that sales exceeded 120 000, to enable enterprises to gradually form a "heavy, medium, light and buses" product platform, and continue to improve the road works, special and private four-class model series, developed by the core components of the cab, chassis, suspension, transmission, axle and engine.

CAMC: holding high hit
CAMC to the weight of high-end card to enter the market, from the "Eleventh Five-Year" early start Valin heavy truck, once listed on experience China’s heavy truck market in the late spring, but even so, the CAMC for five consecutive years sell very well, only a few thousand vehicles from the year heavy truck sales data into the industry now have entered the mainstream of the heavy truck manufacturers, 2010, CAMC cumulative sales of 31,000, sales hit a record high, representing an increase of up to 67%. The star of Valin, CAMC, star Kama and other models by the customer favorite, including new listings, sales star Kama up to 6,000 vehicles. To be successful not only in the vehicle, in the field of powertrain, Valin is also fast, in order to get rid of the problem of lack of supply and demand in the powertrain, the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, Valin own R & D drive axle, and smooth production. For the future development of Valin also full of information proposed in the "12th Five-Year" period, plans to invest 5 billion yuan, the implementation of an annual output of 100,000 heavy truck, 5 10 000 heavy-duty vehicles and auto parts projects, and strive in 2015 annual sales revenue of 50 billion yuan, profits and taxes 50 million yuan.

SAIC-Iveco Hongyan: shock before
As the newly formed SAIC Iveco Hongyan, although the development of twists and turns, but the new Red Rock is located in the southwest corner of strength but not a small glimpse. 2010 sales of the new Red Rock is not enough and the old fraternal enterprises of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck par, but its market share increase steadily, which indicates that the new Red Rock with historical progress and regress. "12th Five-Year" period, SAIC Iveco Hongyan set myself the goal, and commercial vehicle sales reached 500,000 (not including the mini-car). "12 the end of the production and sales exceeded 100,000, the sales revenue reached 25 billion yuan; and plan of building a second manufacturing site; broaden the product line, the introduction of the narrow quasi-heavy-duty truck, and expand the private car market; establish R & D team of 500 people, and strive to become a global R & D Center of Iveco’s low-cost heavy truck. In 2015, the main models Jie lion exports to reach 10 000.