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Analysis of biogas power generation principles

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First, the combustion characteristics of biogas power.

Biogas as a fuel because it can contain more than 50% methane. Biogas containing methane is generally 60 to 70%. The low calorific value per cubic meter of biogas is about 5000 ~ 6000 kcal, with high calorific value. As the gas containing carbon dioxide to reduce the flame propagation speed, so there are good antiknock engine performance, the octane number of methane between 105 to 115, while the gas is also higher, up to 135. As the uprising good performance, the engine can use higher compression ratio, so the same volume of the internal combustion engine work, when in the use of biogas can be obtained not less than the original machine's power. For example, in rural areas have a large number of agricultural diesel in the fuel gas or dual fuel with the work, you can get the original machine with considerable power. This makes it convenient on the supporting equipment to S195 type diesel engine horsepower, for example, his first wife have two or more pumps, and tractors, playing meters, feed grinding, power generation and other work tools, its speed and power have been given complete the next years, such as to change, re-developed for the biogas power such a large set of new products, is bound to be less effective, difficult to promote.

The diesel internal combustion engine with a modified method of gas  

Diesel and ignited engines (petrol engines) is the most economical internal combustion engine. Both biogas as a fuel before the engine must be modified to provide a suitable combustion chamber mixture, that is before the addition of a gas in the carburetor - the air mixer.

Biogas engines are generally divided into a compression-ignition and ignition of two.

Compression-ignition diesel engine - gas dual fuel by compression ignition of diesel to ignite a small amount of combustion gas acting. This engine features adjustable diesel / gas ratio, or even stop when the gas shortage of gas , the engine can still work. Disadvantage is that complex systems, so large-scale biogas power generation projects often do not use this engine. The multi-use ignition typegas engine, also known as full-burn gas engine type, which is characterized by simple structure, easy operation, and no auxiliary fuel for medium-sized biogas project work. Ignition type diesel engine converted to gas engines, in addition to the carburetor before the addition of a methane - air mixer, the need to install an electric ignition system, while increasing the spark plug. {$ Page}

Third, the gas - diesel dual fuel engine operating methods and precautions

(A), use

1, start: close the gas valve, according to the method of starting the engine, diesel starting operations the same way as before without modification.

2, after starting the operation: after starting to bring the load, the engine throttle in the right place (usually the low point in the middle position), until the engine is running normally, slowly open the gas  valve input gas . Pass into the gas , the role of the governor automatically reduce the amount of oil, engine speed and stability. If too much gas input, the engine oil supply disruptions will occur instantly, resulting in intermittent sound work. In such cases, should always be slightly off small gas valve, until the normal operation so far. During operation, adjust the speed of the method and modified work as before with a diesel, by changing the position of the throttle handle to carry. With the dual fuel engine speed or load size change, but also the corresponding open large or small off gas valves in order to ensure the normal operation of dual fuel engine and better fuel efficiency. When the gas  - engine cooling water temperature has been low and small-load operation, fuel efficiency is poor.

3, Parking: turn off the gas valve, then close the throttle.

(B), handling precautions

1, always check the gas valve, gas  pipelines, joints and other leaks, so as not to cause a fire or explosion.

2, the operating gas valve to be smooth, do not suddenly suddenly small, to avoid access of methane erratic and cause the engine not working properly.

3, due to gas shortage or other reasons, the need to completely burn diesel to run the engine without stopping, as long as the gas valve off, you can use the normal method of engine operation.

Fourth, the gas  generating system

Gas turbine system, generally composed of the following components:

1, gas desulfurization, and regulators, explosion-proof device: the use of gas  for the engine through the first desulfurization equipment to reduce the hydrogen sulfide corrosion of the engine. The road to install gas  inlet regulator device, so that the traffic regulation, optimal air-fuel ratio. In addition, to prevent the intake manifold backfire, gas  mains should be placed on the anti-backfire and explosion-proof equipment.

2, into the air conditioning system: the intake manifold on the need to set a precise, sensitive gas mixer to adjust the mixing ratio of air and methane. {$ Page}

3, the engine ignition system: the slow combustion of methane, for the original use of gas oline, diesel and natural gas  engines have ignition systems to a certain degree of transformation, to improve combustion efficiency and reduce post-combustion phenomena, extended operating life.

4, the speed control system: if the gas  generators operate independently, that is, for the load of electrical equipment operation, electrical equipment into and unloading will cause the generator load fluctuations. To ensure normal operation of generator sets, gas engine speed control system is essential.

5, preheat the use of the system: The use of warm-up device for the engine cooling water and exhaust heat for use to improve the energy efficiency of biogas.

6, and network control system: includes the generator voltage regulator circuit, the automatic synchronization control circuit side by side, hand tied reconciliation column control circuit, measuring circuit, gas engines and auxiliary equipment control circuit.

Biogas energy generating system for the most economical way is to use their own construction units to meet demand with a point, then the excess power into the public grid; heat generated by the fermentation tank is needed to meet first and then consider the home, farm heating or heating to the public transport network.

Biogas power generation system power output modes of operation:

An independent run - gas  power generation systems run separately for the load;

2, and network operation - issue of electricity to the utility grid;

3, the emergency operation - as a backup power supply, run in large power grid supply.

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