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Feasibility analysis of biogas power generator set industry( Ⅲ )

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4 Biogas power generator set industry will be a sunrise industry.

Biogas is a systematic project, which includes gas production, gas purification and storage, biogas power generator set technology and the Internet the many other elements of the optimal combination, but also related to national support policies for biogas power generator set and technical regulations. Analysis of the existing domestic gas power generator set projects, and learn from the experience of developed countries biogas power generator set, and national renewable energy policy-oriented, I believe that China's gas power generator set industry in the future there will be a breakthrough after several years, which is based on :

(1) the introduction of relevant national policies, including
gas power generator set will open up the green power, including the Internet bottleneck
When a country reaches a certain degree of economic strength, it will put more attention to environmental protection would be more concerned about sustainable development issues, will put money into this field, will introduce relevant policies to ensure sustainable development strategy goals.

Germany, for instance. After decades of postwar Germany's economic recovery, already have the economic capacity to address sustainable development issues. In order to protect the environment, control global warming and promote sustainable energy supply in Germany in 1990 formulated the "transmission method", in 2000 they introduced the "Renewable Energy Law." "Transmission Act" provides for the
gas utility grid power generator set to power transmission preferential purchase price, the policies to promote the improvement of the German gas power generator set technology, led to the subsequent establishment of more than 700 gas. The "Renewable Energy Law" to improve the access of renewable energy purchase price for the installed capacity to 500kW power stations, electricity transmission grid to obtain the subsidy in 1999 increased by 37%. It is foreseeable that this will once again facilitate the promotion of biogas in Germany.

China's preferential policies on green power the Internet and the problem has been brewing for some time, its importance has been fully recognized. For a certain size in terms of gas power plants, generators can make long-term work at rated load, and determine the level of methane electricity generator set can achieve better economic efficiency. If a gas power plant generator set capacity can not be more fully utilized, we talk about efficiency? A considerable part of the biogas project, and its gas production to adapt to the power station is much larger than the size of the internal (gas engineering or construction companies themselves) the total electricity load and internal electrical load capacity is great, but only intermittent achieve Genset value of the case, so that, if such a scale gas power stations can not transmit electricity to the utility grid, there is no way out; in the local power sector, a gas power plant produced electricity for them is trivial, can be Do not want to be, is to acquire, but also have to consider profit, purchase price is often so that gas stations can not accept. Fortunately, the state has determined to open up the electricity, including methane, including green power Internet bottlenecks.

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