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Cummins KTA19-G2 Engine Parts

                                                                  Customers Service Information
   This standard Parts Catalog Contains parts information for the following Cummins Engine Model(S):
                                    KTA19-G2                   D193056DX02             CPL0866
   Certain basic engine components have been matched to give optimum performance to yor engine.The part  numbers listed in this catalog for these components are for a  standard engine configuration.When ordering any of the Control Parts List(CPL)components list below , please order by description and engine serial number.Reference to the CPL number stamped on the engine data(name)plate will also help identify  the proper service parts for your engine.
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                                                                    Cummins KTA19-G2 engine parts list. 

Timing Disk Generator Pulley Cylinder Block Idler Gear
Crankshaft & Main Bearing Rocker lever Camshaft Follower  Oil Pump
Crankcase Breather  Air Resistance Indicator Vibration Damper  Oil Pressure Alarm Switch
Water Temp Alarm Switch Alternator Mounting Alternator Front Engine Support
Gear Cover Mounting Magnetic Switch Fan Hub Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter Plumbing Flywheel Shell Magnetic Sensor Oil Filter
Controller Accessories Drive Fuel Pump  Fuel Pipe
Flywheel Hydraulic Pump Flange Cover Intake Manifold Intake Manifold Mounting
Thermostat Shell Oil Filter Oil Level Gauge Hand Hole Cover
 Oil Bypass Filter  Oil Bypass Filter Pipeline Oil Pan Oil Pan
Pitson & Connecting Rod Camshaft & Gear Aftercooler Core Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head Mounting Injector Supercharger Rocker Housing
Starter Motor Exhaust Manifold Tuebo Mounting Oil Cooler
Outlet Pipework Connection Water Filter Water Manifold Water Inlet Connection
Water Outlet Connection Water Pump Exhaust Pipe Connector Engine Fan
Fan Spacer Upper Engine Gasket Set   Lower Engine Gasket Set  


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